Air & Asphalt Transfer Decal


Air & Asphalt Transfer Decal


The Air & Asphalt logo combined with our beautiful script is the perfect way to show your passionate motive interests. This white vinyl transfer decal is durable & ideal for indoor or outdoor use and is easily applied to your vehicle’s windows. Measures approximately 6” X 5.2”.

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Shipping within the United States only at this time.


  1. Slowly peel the transfer tape from the paper backing.

  2. Place the transfer tape on your desired surface and use your fingers to apply pressure across the face of the sticker for uniform adherence.

  3. Use a credit card or something similar to reinforce the adhesion.

  4. Slowly remove the transfer tape to avoid removing the decal with it. Our decal is relatively complex so you want to be careful on this step. Try not to accomplish this step in cold temperatures. We suggest letting the decal sit for 24 hours before peeling the transfer tape.

Notice: we cannot send duplicates if the application process is not followed exactly or if the decal is damaged during the application process. You may want to order a second decal in case of initial application problems.