We love cars & airplanes...

Air & asphalt are the mediums on which we thrive. Air & Asphalt™ also happens to be the name of our little organization; built upon the ideal of furthering passions through art, advocacy, access, and providing a unique lifestyle around these things.

We celebrate the people who got us to where we are today. People like Ferdinand Porsche and family, Jimmy Doolittle, and Elrey Jeppesen. These guys stepped out of any and all comfort zones and dared to make something different and lasting for the world.

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Being born into aviation and a lover of cars (mostly Porsche cars) since before I knew how old I was allows me to turn my passions into things that make other people happy. That's the goal.

How did the name come about? There was a song by one of Chris Cornell's bands that started the formulation of the Air & Asphalt name. I heard the song "I am the highway" while jogging one day, it has a chorus that goes:

I am not your rolling wheels

I am the highway

I am not your carpet ride

I am the sky

Air & Asphalt, the mediums on which we thrive.

Thanks, Chris. RIP.

Lance Phillips - Principal